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GRNITECH “PR” Timber Chopper Cyrus
Born: January 4, 2004
Sire: CH “PR” Timber Chopper Pine Meadow Bo
Dam: “PR” Bosley’s Country Music

Cyrus was originally sold as an eight week old puppy to Mr. Reed in the Midwest. Long story short, Cyrus started treeing raccoons in his back yard keeping Mr. Reed and the neighbors awake. I received a call from Mr. Reed asking me to take Cyrus back before he was asked to leave the neighborhood.
I took Cyrus back and shortly afterwards Eric Norris took Cyrus and made him into a Night Champion. Eric then sold Cyrus to Roger and Jason, and they made him a Grand Nite Champion and qualified him for the UKC World Hunt in 2008.
Needless to say, I was delighted when the Shabels agreed to sell Cyrus back to me. Cyrus is an outstanding track and tree dog, second to none. His record speaks for itself and he is now producing outstanding offspring. If you want the best, you should breed to Cyrus or purchase a pair of his puppies.
                      Invest in the future!
Click picture for pedigree.

     'PR' Timber Chopper Kobie 
Born:  March 26, 2006
Sire:  GRNITE GRCH’PR’ Huss’ Last Chance Skunk
Dam: ‘PR’ Timber Chopper Polly

Kobie was sold as a pup and was purchased back as an outstanding young bear dog in 2008.In 2007 Kobie was in an approximately 30 bear chases and trees together.  Accompanying picture shows Kobie in Idaho with Mr. Bear up the tree.  We are crossing Kobie on some our females and believe we should get some outstanding young pups.  If you are in the Big Game World these pups should do great!  Never have I ever had a dog with the voice that Kobie has.


Click picture for pedigree.


     NITECH "PR" Timber Chopper Rus
Born: October 13, 2006
Sire: GRNITECH "PR" Timber Chopper Cyrus
Dam: GRCH GRNITECH "PR" Timber Chopper Mac

Rus is an outstanding NITECH with great conformation. His pups will be outstanding track and tree dogs.

His sire, as of 11/17/11, is the number 7 top producing male in the nation.

Click picture for pedigree.


    Frozen Semen Only

'PR' Timber Chopper Pine Meadow Bo
Born: March 8, 1996 
Sire: NITECH CH PR Rutter's Pine Meadow Amos
Dam: NITECH PR Wilborn's Red Dolly




Click picture for pedigree.

  Frozen Semen Only  

2001 ACHA World Champion NT CH CH ‘PR’ Fireball’s Timberchoppin Dan

Born:  May 19, 1998
Sire:  Melton's Tennessee Red Man
Dam: Townsend's Red Queen

 The first Redbone to win the World Championship in 50 years! 


We congratulate Joe Melton for breeding such a superb coon dog. Dan is a well-bred Timber Chopper/ Fireball dog.  He is 65 pounds, dark red with a black muzzle.  Dan has a loud die hard locate that changes over to a nice hard chop on tree.  He is a stay put, split pressure tree dog who is very accurate.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is, Dan is going to get treed.  He is all go an no come back until Mr. Coon is treed.  


Snowy River’s Silver Dollar
Date of Birth: 3/08/03
Sire: GRNITECH GRCH “PR” Brights Hidollar Dancer
Dam: GRCH “PR” Scoggin’s High Class Hannah

   Among Dollar's bloodlines are GRNITECH GRCH  Cypress Brake Setum Up Ace and  GRNITECH GRCH Three Time Albert. A better pedigree is hard to find.

Black & Tan bear dog at its best! Dollar is an outstanding strike dog on bear who knows his job. He loves to jump up on the rig box and he is a strike dog second to none.

His grand sire, GRNITECH GRCH "PR" Cypress Brake Setum Up Ace, is historically the number 1 reproducer in the nation as of 11/17/11.

Click picture for pedigree.

Stud fee is $400-$800. Negative Brucellosis certification is required. Dogs to be bred at our kennels can be either brought in or shipped in. (We are approximately 45 minutes from the Richmond International Airport). Chilled and Frozen Semen available. Our vet has stored frozen semen, and chilled semen is available for shipment within a short notice. Please call for pricing. Vet charges on your end vary from region to region. Even if your vet has never been involved in artificial insemination, our vet can walk them through it with ease.

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